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המקום הכי טוב לעשות בו יוגה בירושלים! ללא ספק.

מקצועי, מעצים, מחזק,

ולא פחות חשוב

משפחתי וחם.

מקום של אור וקסם.

מומלץ בלי סוף.


Great studio.

Great teachers.

A small refuge in the wilderness of Jerusalem.


אחרי 4 שנים שאני מתרגלת כאן רציתי להמליץ על המקום המיוחד הזה שהפך להיות כמו בית, ועל המורים שלימדו אותי מהי יוגה ואיפשרו לי להתאהב בה.


I love this studio!

Would highly recommend to those looking for a great yoga studio!


Wow, Omer's yoga classes have been a huge blessing to me over the last 4 years. 
I find him so grounded in himself, feeling this in the natural and genuine way he teaches. His teaches us with his whole being. He is gentle while also being conscientious and expecting a lot of us in class - because he believes in our abilities. However he wants us to push ourselves while being aware of our own comfort zone and what feels right to us. When I couldn't do a headstand once he said "If you made an attempt then it's as though you did it". This was a huge boost! I can't recommend him enough. Omer, thank you. I'm going to miss your classes.